Microneedling (CIT)

  • Restore Your Skin to How it Used to Be

    Have you experienced acne that left pigmented and textured scars behind? Has time taken its toll? Are you noticing fine lines, uneven texture and tone or stretch marks? Well then, we’ve got the perfect treatment for you! Microneedling delivers up to 1,300 micro-punctures to the skin per second, which stimulates collagen growth and restores your skin to its glory days.

    Sometimes life can leave an everlasting imprint on our skin ranging from textural issues, like acne scars, stretch marks or even surgical scars, to the changes that come with age and wisdom, such as fine lines and a loss of facial volume. The good news is that a solution is out there and your skin care experts at Bella Vita Laser Clinic are always at the forefront of the latest advances. We specialize in customized, comprehensive treatment plans dedicated to your individual needs.

  • Erase the Past From Your Skin!
    • Microneedling is a minimally invasive medical aesthetic treatment where tiny, sterile needles superficially pierce the epidermis creating thousands of micro-channels. This results in a breakdown of old, hardened tissue and kicks your body’s natural healing response into overdrive. Microneedling causes an accelerated production of fibroblasts, growth factors, collagen and elastin — in other words, a whole lotta goodness!

      Derived from ancient acupuncture and mesotherapy techniques, microneedling is quickly becoming the treatment of choice for many skin conditions and concerns. It offers an array of benefits including restoring the skin’s resiliency, reducing pore size, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, eliminating acne and acne scars, tightening and rejuvenating the tone of skin, fading stretch marks, getting rid of sun damage and hyperpigmentation and reducing vascular redness, such as telangiectasia/couperose and rosacea.

      Here at Bella Vita, we use Dermaroller Edermastamp the most advanced method of microneedling. It’s faster and more effective than its competitors and allows your Bella Vita skin expert to customize the depth of penetration throughout treatment. Edermastamp is the gold standard of microneedling technology.
Beware of imitations. The eDermaStamp® by Dermaroller® is the original device of it's kind. It is the one and only certified medical grade micro-needling device that promises the safest and most precise treatment, fast healing, and unparalleled results.